Food | Pasta, Ham & a Hungry Afternoon

Mark and Rini were looking for a photographer who also understood food well.

They were looking for someone who had a background with the food business and knows the correct way of presenting food. Very often, the photographer is just trying to make the frame look good without knowing if it is technically right or not. When you work with Vijay, who is a graduate in Hotel Management from IHM, Bangalore, you will see him lending his knowledge and experience into the work.

The food business is one which sells if the dish in front of you appeals to all your senses. On a menu or a billboard, you have to start with appealing to the sense of sight.

The Pasta had to look al dante and nicely coated with Bolognaise & herbs. The freshness of the dish had to be brought out.
The lightness of the dish along with the visual appeal of the Shrimp & herbs highlight the presentation
The Signature Burger with home-made Mayo. Billboard special.
The Burgerman’s Mini. With their signature sauce.
A Sausage Roll with Barbecue sauce.

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